A Review by David E Romm
Shockwave Radio Theater, KFAI Minneapolis, Minn.

“The Inundation by Isabelle Delage is one of the reasons I became a music reviewer. It is such a wonderful album that we should be shouting about it from the rooftops. We'll have to make do with spreading the word on the internet.

Isabelle writes songs of such personal intensity that I have no problem using her first name even though we've never met. The opening cut, "Mary's Rainbow", is beautiful and sad and hard to write about because I keep tearing up, so I'll use her words from the lyric booklet: "This is a fantasy song which came to me when I was reading about autism, deafness and a condition called synesthesia, a crossing of two or more senses in which a person 'sees' sound as bursts and swirls of color." A simple song, with guitar and backing vocals guiding you through Mary's senses as she waits for her father to return from war.

She put off writing songs for twenty years to raise a family. They are lucky to have her, and now so are we. Isabelle is all grown up now, and writes songs for grownups. In "I Never Knew", she tells of her discoveries, over time, about death, heartache and having children.

She also does something neat that I haven't seen in a long time. "Small Things" is the song she has on a radio sampler, and her CD version is longer... and better, with an ending coda in Swahili. A three language album! A simple arrangement, beautifully sung and played.”